The Imperial Guard by Jawaballs

Here is yet another project that I am working on. I have had hundreds of guardsmen and Russ tanks sitting around in my closets for ever. I have been collecting the army with the intention of building them sooner or later, but with my Blood Angels, Vampire Counts and Iyanden Eldar, I just cant find the time... But with the upcoming new Guard codex coming out, and the cool changes they are making, I am now inspired to work on them. This blog will follow the army as it grows, and changes. I am building it now based on the old codex. It will most certainly change in a few months, but I will work enough space for growth into the list to make it expandable. My interest has always been with a horde of guardsmen, an as many Russ tanks as possible, along with a squad of Sentinals. It seems that with cheaper guards, and squads of tanks coming out, will be getting every thing I want! Only time will tell. Until then, enjoy the blog. JB.


  1. Peter says

    Looking forward to seeing your progress

    cadian127th says

    Look forward to seeing another Guard blog and army.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

    Lord Captain Valentine says

    Forward for the Emporer!

    Hope to see some sweet models soon.

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